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Link: Don't Trust Henry

What is this game?

Don't Trust Henry is a free indy mobile game about a finger-eating worm named Henry.The game is planned to be released on every main mobile device in the following weeks for free. It's a small casual game in a lovely pixel art style. Just try it out!

How much does this game cost?

The game will be free for smartphones and "pay-what-you-want" on the PC.

How do I get this game for PC?

It's super easy! Just click on "Download Now" below and get the game. It's a "pay-what-you-want" monetizing model. So if you want to get this game for free, just type in "0" while purchasing. It would be totally awesome if you'd support me, though!

I want to play this game on my mobile. When is it coming?

I'm planning to release the game on Android first. So you will find this game on Stores in the next couple of days. W8Phone and iOS is coming right after that.

How do I play this game?

- Put your finger on the display (left click on PC), so he follows you.

- Don't let Henry eat your finger .

- Let him eat fruits instead.

- He's becoming bigger and faster over time, but the bigger he gets the angrier he becomes.

- You also lose if he grows too much.

What are the future goals?

- developing an item system where you can purchase permanent ingame upgrades for collecting fruits. (No in-app-purchases. No hidden costs!).

- Some new animations and pixelart.

- Bloodmoon. (Secret)

This is a supportive, early access version of Don't Trust Henry .

The game is coming to mobile stores in the next weeks - for free!!!

If you'd like to support the developer you can pay what you want to do so.

If you would like to get in contact with me, just follow me on twitter or visit my blog.

Twitter: Lewnaticable

Blog: Dev-Blog

Cheers and thanks for your support!


Last Update 04.11.2014

Update v1.1

- Increased grow speed while henry noms your finger
- Changed losing mechanic significantly. (you only lose if henry grows to much)
- Lose screen shows all fruits collected.
- There is a "Enter Player Name" lable in the create player menu

Update v0.9.6 Hotfix

- Fixed eye flickering for henry.

Update v0.9.5

- Reworked the whole UI for Unity 4.6
- Fixed a bug where henry nommed invisible birds
- Fixed a bug with angry henry animations
- Fixed a nullreference bug with music
- Fixed clouds not getting the right color while spawning
- Fixed a bug with flickering menues
- Improved performance with checking sound volume only once
- Improved performance with colliders
- Improved performance with flybirds
- Added bat noises
- Added new call functions to check birdnumber and if powerups are used
- Added 5 new Powerups graphics
- Added combo mechanic. Collecting same fruits increases the combo counter and points
- Added cross artwork
- Added winner artwork
- Added music for angry henry
- Added music for the score screen
- Added smooth fadeIn/Out for angry henry
- Added smooth menu sliding for touch
- New powerup happy up added
- New powerup switch time added
- New powerup slow down added
- New powerup frozen birds added
- New powerup more birds added
- Changed position of the side spawners
- Changed sound mechanic for angry henry
- Changed size bonus reduction for eating fruits
- Changed the bonus box mechanic significantly
- Changed grow mechanic significantly
- At night birds are faster
- At blood moon birds are even faster
- Small birds are a bit bigger
- Birds stop moving if the game ends

Update v0.9.4

- Added Cloud effects for nommed bats at night
- Added some bonus boxes on the bottom
- Tweaked the difficulty a bit (bit harder)
- Performance fixes for initialised gameobjects
- Added graphics for stars
- Changed colors of the moon halo.
- Changed look of the feathers sligthly
- Changed physics of feathers

Update v0.9.3

- Added Feather effects
- Added powerup states
- Less bird sounds
- Performance

Update v0.9.2


- Added Bloodmoon
- Added Second Wind


- Fixed display bug with bats
- Fixed henry behavior if angry


- Henry grows a bit faster
- Less birds

Update v0.9.1

- Added x86 support.


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